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  • It has medium panicle length with complete panicle exertion and having 300-350 grains on main axis.
  • Bitter Gourd are Attractive white 20-25 cms long fruits
  • Tomato Plants are semi determinate with moderate foliage cover.
  • Brinjal are ornamental not only in your vegetable garden but in patio tubs and pots

Red Chilly

Less Pungent, More Colour Value Similar to Baydgi Hybrid

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Heavy Yielder round, firm 200 grms Weight with good cooking Quality

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About Cropwell seeds

Cropwell seeds pvt ltd was established in 2010 by agripreneurs with its head quarters at Hyderabad Telangana state of India. The company is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited.

The company started with need based R&D in the field of seed technology for farming community. Maximizing the yield for sustainability of Agriculture is major focus of the company. The crop well seeds has long standing tradition of association with Indian farming in their prosperity.

Today crop well seeds owns a vast pool of Germplasm which is suitable for Indian climatic conditions. This gene-pool has sprouted to one of the highest success rates. The crop well seeds is one of the handful of seed companies with expertise in research & development, Field and lab testing, data Review, production, Farm management and farmer interaction. A well experienced R&D director over30+years of expertise in seed R&D forms the back bone of the company’s research cell. The mandate of the R&D is to produce hybrid seeds of super genetics mainly on Biotic & Abiotic stress tolerance. The crop well seeds has shown that the R&D has potential to raise crop immunity against pest, disease and drought without side effects. Each brake through increases agricultural output impacting not just farmers but societies and country at large.

The crop well seeds is concentrating on R&D, production processing, quality control, packaging and marketing of hybrid seeds of Hot pepper, Okra, Tomato, Melons, gourds, Cucumbers, Maize, Rice & pearl market. Ever since its inception, The company has been driven by continuous innovation in every field of activity like management research, production, processing, Quality and marketing. This has resulted in the establishment of strong trust and Brand equality of crop well seeds amongst the consumers, channel members suppliers and others. The name of crop well seeds inspires prosperity to all its stake holders.

The company has set the following core values:

Vision & Mission:

Services Overview


Our seeds have a consistently higher yield than our competitions.


Our commitment to research and science keeps us humble in our endeavour.


Continuous innovation over the years has created products for all conditions.